Banshee Flying up to the media size island

Forge world alternative heading to Halo 4

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Last week at PAX East, 343 Industries took to the stage to reveal snippets into the future of Halo 4′s multiplayer, and I have to say it looks like a promising few months for the game.

Recently Halo 4 had begun to run dry on content, Spartan Op’s is over and the multiplayer map maps are just coming to quick and fast. It felt like the content was coming over too small of a space and the game would simper away into nothingness before we even hear whispers of Halo 5.

Banshee Flying up to the middle size island

Banshee Flying up to the middle size island


Well now those worries are starting to disappear with the reveal of Forge Islands and a closer look at the Castle Map Pack. Forge Islands as you will see in the above video is a selection of three islands varying in size from HUGE to not as huge (proven by science), all conveniently created flat to allow your creativity to run wild, and obviously the three islands are free to be connected via any means you can think of.

Other things announced at the panel were; the return of ‘X’ markers for dead teammates and the free control on 343i’s end to modify weapons (damage and spray rate) in-game-type -No more downloading updates for weapon modifications.

The title update will be heading to your Xbox on April 7th and Forge Islands April 11th!



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2 Responses to Forge world alternative heading to Halo 4

  1. Dylan says:

    This map came out like a month ago and the map pack was already released… Why is this even news…

  2. Alex Bullock says:

    If you check the dates on the front page, you’ll realise we published it a month ago, it just got re-listed in search engines. Sorry if we misled anyone.