EA reveals 17 minutes of Battlefield 4 footage

When did publishers just say “fuck it” to real videogame announcements?

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You know what? When did publishers just say “fuck it” to real videogame announcements? I realise the game looks absolutely beautiful as expected, but I can’t help feel that thrusting games on us so suddenly without any build up kind of ruins any anticipation for a title.

We all knew DICE was working on Battlefield 4, but release teaser trailers and then full blown gameplay so close seems a sort of misstep, its not teasing when you show off the game the next day!

Anyway pet-peeve aside, above is 17 entire minutes of Battlefield 4 gameplay running on PC. It looks fantastic- like you knew it would- and even has some great stand out moments from the get go. Yes that is Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” playing at the beginning, and yes the impact of that song has been completely diminished since it’s use in The Mighty Boosh.

What are you doing still reading this article? Scroll back up and watch the gameplay footage, make your own opinions have have your say on the comments below.




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  1. this is old news … over a month old…

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