Touch-typing with Notch: a Super Hexagon inspired Unity game

Touch-typing software doesn’t traditionally have a lot of crossover with the gaming mainstream. Sure, there’s Typing of the Dead, but the jury’s still out on the Sega title’s exact ratio of insanity and genius.

But Minecraft creator Notch, fresh from cashing in on the adult nostalgia for building blocks, seems set to revolutionise this lucrative market.

He took to Twitter today to publicise a browser game created with the Unity engine, a pulsating isometric word adventure called Drop. I look forward to your comments on my paltry score of 57.

Truth be told, it’s as much a memory game as a potential typing tool, but it’s a fun and innovative demonstration of Unity’s potential. It’s also not 0x10c. Less Drop, Notch; chop chop.


Source: Joystiq



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