Next Xbox: IllumiRoom could be the ace up Microsoft’s sleeve

Durango. Infinity. The 720. Call it what you will, Sony have decidedly got the jump on Microsoft’s next console. The reveal may set everything straight, but with the PS4’s cards already on the table – and playing an attractive hand, if always online turns out to be true – last gen’s arguable winners will have a job on convincing people of their USPs.

IllumiRoom may be one way of doing that. Initially revealed in January as part of the company’s CES conference, a lengthy demonstration video has surfaced, reiterating the hardware’s gaming potential. A small projector in front of the screen links wirelessly to “a next generation gaming console,” using Kinect for configuration. Subtle.

It’s impressive stuff, superimposing backgrounds and expanding your field of view into your living room, without the usual projector caveat of needing a totally blank wall. The warping effect and passing of projectiles from the game environment to the real one is incredibly impressive, if potentially distracting, and more practical than the Kinect it seemingly relies on.

That said, optional hardware peripherals and Microsoft don’t always mix.


Source: CVG



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