[TRAILER] Cult horror Eternal Darkness gets crowdfunded successor

Cult classic Gamecube horror Eternal Darkness is set to receive a crowd-funded spiritual successor, Shadow of the Eternals.

Someone seems to have poked the horror genre with a big Resi 6 shaped stick. First Shinji Mikami unveils The Evil Within, and now the memorable Eternal Darkness looks set to receive a well-deserved revisiting.

An entirely new studio, Canada’s Precursor Games, is set to start crowd-funding for the sufficiently spooky-sounding Shadow of the Eternals on Monday. The news was announced by series creator Denis Dyak, with IGN getting their mits on a teaser trailer.

We can’t say much for certain, but going by cached pages from the devs website (via NeoGAF, who else), it seems to be lined up for the Wii U and PC. This would make sense given Eternal Darkness’ Gamecube exclusivity.

If you haven’t played the original, trust me when I say that it was an almighty little gem. Breaking the fourth wall is an underused asset in games as a whole, and that element of gameplay novelty in a current-gen title could make for some supreme scares.


Source: Eurogamer



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