[INTERVIEW] Bryan Henderson, God of Godus

Gamer UK caught up with Curiosity winner Bryan Henderson for a chat about his plans, after becoming the god of Peter Molyneux’s Godus

I was browsing Facebook earlier when a picture of an old friend popped up on my timeline. The picture was in an article from Wired about the winner of Peter Molyneux’s enigmatic app Curiosity. Out of 25-billion cubes and tens of thousands of people, it was the guy who used to live next door to me who broke the last block, and won. Small world.

This means that Bryan will go on to work with Molyneux and developers 22cans to implement himself as the “god of gods” of the upcoming deity-sim Godus. I posed some of my and Alex’s questions to him about winning the competition, and what he plans to to do with his newly-won powers, both in and outside of the game.


What was your thought process when you first downloaded the app?
“I didn’t think I would win in a million years, in my head it wasn’t even possible. I was just playing very casually, not thinking at that I even had a chance of winning.”


How about when you found out you’d won?
“When I realised I had won and found out the prize, it’s was one of those things where it takes all day to sink in. It was really unbelievable.”


Have you played any of Molyneux’s other God-sims?
“Nah, I haven’t. I haven’t even been a particular fan of his. But I somewhat was in the past.”


As you can already tell, you’re getting a fair amount of media attention, internet and otherwise. How do you feel about that?
“I couldn’t be more excited, like I said it’s unbelievable. It’s all very bizarre but incredible at the same time. My mind is blown.”


If it takes a lot of my time then so be it. Because it will have definitely been worth it.

How heavily do you plan on making your presence felt in the game and by what means? “Well I’m not the kind of person to have everything my own way but I would like to have quite a personal impact on the game. I’m not too sure on what I’ll be able to do right now in regards to what I will [be able to] decide to put into the game.”


Did you have any aspirations for game development before you won Curiosity?
“Yeah, game design is something that I’ve been interested in for as long as I’ve been a gamer.”


How much do you expect Godus to affect your day-to-day life?
“If Godus is really successful it could have really huge impact and I’m just really lucky this is happening to me. I don’t know how time-consuming it will be but to be honest I can’t complain.

“If it takes a lot of my time then so be it. Because it will have definitely been worth it.”


The gaming world has never seen anything quite like this, and over the coming months it’s going to be very interesting to see what becomes of Godus, and Bryan’s involvement with the development process! Stay tuned.

Bryan’s twitter can be found here, along with mine and Alex’s.




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