[E3 2013] Modern Combat 5: Gameloft, why do you waste your talents?

When it comes to mobile gaming Gameloft are known for two things: ripping off franchises and mind-blowing mobile graphics. Modern Combat 5 is no different.

When it comes to mobile gaming Gameloft are known for two things: ripping off console franchises and mind-blowing mobile graphics.

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Not the Modern Warfare 3 Logo

Modern Combat 5 is another example of this, an obvious copy of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise (in gameplay and name) that looks like it wouldn’t go a miss on current gen consoles. There are a few texture issues here and there that hold it back, but just like N.O.V.A (Halo clone) before it, looks  absolutely fantastic.

I would really love to see Gameloft push their talents into a franchise which isn’t blatantly a rip-off another series or a movie tie-in, the company as a whole would receive so much more respect and   a new image away from “That mobile developer who copies well console franchises”.

Of course Gameloft aren’t the only mobile devs who are pushing the boundaries of mobile graphics, I’m sure you will all remember Shadowgun from developer Madfinger Games and Infinity Blade from Epic Games.

Again, these two games, although inspired by other series’ are their own stand alone properties, no gamer will look at them and say “Oh that’s just Call of Duty”, or “that’s Grand Theft Auto”, that is what Gameloft really needs to move to.

Mobile gaming is only going to get better, with powerful chips inside our phones and tablets, who knows what is coming next, well other than Nvidia’s Project Shield which hopefully we will see more of over the E3 Period!

What do you think of Gameloft’s games and how far mobile graphics has come? Have your say in the comments!



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