SimCity for Mac delayed… Again!

We built this city, on Windoooooows 7

SimCity set for new release date in August.

Originally set for release this month, the OS X edition of SimCity is scheduled for a delay. Maxis have now set the new date for August, to Mac users despair. Mac users will have to wait an extra two months to play the highly anticipated game. The original release date was June 11.

Maxis have apologised for the prolonged wait and have offered to extend the availability of the SimCity Launch Park to all players who have purchased the Mac version.

In a post on the official SimCity website, Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis released a statement, “today we are announcing that we are moving the release date of the Mac version of SimCity to August. We have made this tough decision because we do not believe it is ready for primetime yet. We want to ensure the Mac is a great experience for our players and that is why we are taking more time.”

“As a sincere thank you for patiently waiting to play, we are going to extend the availability of the SimCity Launch Park (released in Update 4) to all players who have purchased the Mac version… Thanks again for your patience and understanding”

The PC release of SimCity in April had some teething problems, with players experiencing problems with the server connection, which could be seen as the reason for the delay.

Maxis have published on the official website that the fifth update for PC is to be expected “in a couple of weeks”.  Meanwhile, OS X users will have to wait and see whether Maxis will stick to the new time frame, or not.

You can read the full details at the official SimCity website.

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