UK E3 2013 Schedule Times and Where to Stream it!

We do the maths on those conference times so you don’t have to.

E3 is just around the corner, and by that I mean its freaking tomorrow, unfortunately the big conferences aren’t timed around us Brits to watch at a reasonable hour in the day and actually force us to use real maths to work out when they are! Fortunately Gamer UK is here to save the day, below you can see the dates and times of the big conferences, where you will get to to see all the big upcoming reveals and finally get a good look at the future of gaming . We will be liveblogging along with every conference and even have nice video round ups for them, which will actually be the start of a new series for us!

June 10th

  • Microsoft – 5:30PM
  • EA – 9PM
  • Ubisoft – 11PM

June 11th

  • Sony – 2AM 
  • Nintendo (Nintendo Direct stream) – 3PM

You can livestream all of the events over at Gameinformer‘s E3 Live page excluding the Nintendo Stream which will be shown over at Nintendo Direct. So we will see you all back here tomorrow throughout the day to follow along with all the reveals and the continued upsets, and maybe even cover a little about Apple’s WWDC if games come into mention.

Good luck games industry, please refrain from fucking up tomorrow, we are all watching.



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