[E3 2013] PS4 price decided before E3

Always One step ahead.

The gloves come off at this year’s E3 conference.


Microsoft and Sony were at war, but it felt similar to a playground scrap. It was very entertaining to watch Sony get one-up on Microsoft.

Microsoft revealed their new console with a huge price tag, which then Sony knocked out of the park with a console £100 cheaper.

Many jokes on Twitter followed Sony’s presentation, hinting that they had changed the price and presentation.

Some are questioning the figures and whether the company will take a loss and limit the profitability of the new hardware.

GI international published an interview with Sony UK MD Fergal Gara, revealing that the price of the PS4 was determined years ago.

Gera stated, “The balance of everything we do, whether that’s the console software, the accessories or the digital business, it all needs to be profitable and we expect it to be profitable in the short term and medium term”

“Getting to a price doesn’t happen in the final days and weeks, it happens years in advance as you plan for a target price point”

Many see Sony’s conference as a direct attack at Microsoft, but one thing’s for sure, it gave viewers an enjoyable presentation to watch. “Of course there was a little play to the audience with the script and underlining the points of difference that we knew would be loved”, Gera admits.

The PS4 will launch in the UK later this year. 




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