Ouyarrrrr: retweet fuels game piracy debate

Do what you want ‘cos Android is free…

I’ve played on an Ouya. Not for long enough to warrant an article, but I saw some promise. It’s fun, the controller isn’t as bad as people say, and it looks good on a desk. It’s also not an insignificant investment, and having been frozen out of E3, the company isn’t doing itself many favours.

While some early backers haven’t even received their hardware, the official Ouya Twitter feed has brewed up a storm by appearing to promote its use for pirating games.

The retweet from user @neilcribbs includes a picture of the console apparently running Super Mario Bros, with the hashtag #freethegames.

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Image credit: Kotaku (click for article)

This isn’t the first time Ouya has had cause to worry games publishers. Games such as Street Fighter and Mario 64 were running on the hardware months ago via Android emulators, a scenario which the company has only made marginally more difficult with a proprietary .apk, rather than ROM format.

Indeed, they have actively worked to make existing console emulators Ouya compatible.




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