Druckmann: The Last of Us mistakenly advertised sex hotlines

Naughty Dog.

Are you the kind of person who calls up in-game phone numbers on a whim? Most of them won’t work, sure. Sometimes you get lucky, like the easter egg in God of War. And sometimes you get a premium rate sex line.

Well, today developer Naughty Dog has officially responded to the discovery by Kotaku (who else?) of not one but two such numbers on in-game poster art. Head to their original article for the amusing transcript.

Responding directly to the piece, creative director Neil Druckmann alleged that it was a mistake on the part of the game’s artists rather than anything more nefarious.

“What happened was, they put some phone numbers in the game and then they thought they could just change the area code to 555, then it’s invalid because it’s what they do in movies. But I guess that doesn’t work when you have a 1-800 in front of it.”

The Last of Us has been hailed as a potential game changer for, well, games, probably not in any way due to this. For what it’s worth, its Metacritic score is a mere 28th in the all-time rankings.




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