Iwata: unannounced Wii U games launching ‘by 2014’

Wii hope so.

If anyone else thought the E3 Nintendo Direct was worryingly lacklustre, take note: a fan translation of Nintendo’s most recent investors meeting seems to indicate unknown Wii U games launching this calendar year.

Twitter user Cheesemeister, who frequently translates these events before the official transcripts are published, summarises thus:


While this should essentially be taken as speculation, it feels about right. Nintendo played down their E3 ‘appearance’, such as it was, and have taken to drip-feeding announcements in their Direct streams instead.

Wii U users will live in hope until we see the official translation this coming week.


Header image from TechnoBuffalo. 



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    […] Iwata: unannounced Wii U games launching 'by 2014′ | Gamer UK fan translation of Nintendo's most recent investor meeting indicates that a number of unannounced Wii U games will be launching this year. […]

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