Update: Xbox head Don Mattrick is leaving for Zynga

Don tell Steve Ballmer.

[UPDATE] Disregard the below – it has now been confirmed by Zynga that Mattrick will assume the role of CEO. Here’s the man he’s replacing…

It’s not been confirmed yet, but the beleaguered boss of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Don Mattrick, is reportedly due to leave the company for waning social media giant Zynga.

The Dow Jones group’s AllThingsD cites “multiple sources close to the situation” in its exclusive report, speculating that Mattrick will take over from current Zynga CEO Mark Pincus.

Should the news prove true, Mattrick would be moving from one troubled office to another. Zynga’s profits have been in decline since its disastrous $180m acquisition of Draw Something developer OMGPOP, with repeated accusations of plagiarism from smaller developers.

Although EA are also believed to have been interested, the move is not seen to be related to the Xbox One’s recent travails. AllThingsD’s sources state that Mattrick’s existing home in the San Francisco Bay Area was a motivating factor. Zynga’s shares have risen by 10% in the wake of the story.


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