Game Freak Reveals Brand new Pokemon: Honedge

Honedge Used Stab.
Pikachu bled to death.

Something that completely slipped under a lot of radars, well I know definitely mine, is Japan Expo in France. “What is Japan Expo?” I hear some of your cry, it is an expo- that is in France- about Japan (well Japanese Anime and culture).

Now the confusion is out of the way, turns out Game Freak, the developers of the main Pokemon game series, went along and they brought along a brand new Pokemon- Honedge!



I will try and ignore the fact it looks absolutely ridiculous, and the fact that the explained back story behind the new Ghost/Steel falls apart as soon as your realise there will be hundreds of identical swords in the France-inspired world of Kalos, that have strangely become haunted with ancient souls, appearing in long grass.

I will give Game Freak benefit of the doubt though, Pokemon has held its own superbly and although the creatures designs themselves are beginning to loose all sense of “realism”, the worlds and gameplay still manage to be absolutely fantastic.



Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are heading to Nintendo 3DS worldwide on October 12 2013 (unless they get delayed).



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