[TRAILER] GTA V gameplay provides stocks, sports and superlatives


Oh Rockstar, why must you taunt us so? It’s now two months until release – rather longer if you’re a PC gamer, which has no confirmed date – and the company is now laying on the trailers. First up is this doozy, constructed entirely from in-game footage.

The biggest revelation here is just how the three heroes’ stories intertwine. Much as I predicted, but no less impressive for it, you can switch between them on the fly, both in open gameplay and as part of collaborative missions.

What this means is that when you’ve grown tired of one character or exhausted their plot options, you can flick straight to another halfway across the city, and in the middle of a frantic car chase.

Also promisingly demoed are a number of customisation options. Fine-tuned clothes, cars and tattoos for your three protagonists are confirmed, as is a fascinating variety of mini-games.

You can now play golf, tennis or go scuba-diving, as well as chancing your arm on less leisurely pursuits – buying stocks in the real estate market to enhance or squander your fortunes.

And multiplayer, though only hinted at, is very much confirmed, and seemingly on a massive scale.

Looks a bit good then, doesn’t it. ‘Game of the year’ is a bit premature, but GTA V is shaping up to be every bit the characterful sequel we needed.




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