Steam summer sale due tomorrow

You didn’t want that money anyway.

EDIT: It’s worth mentioning that if it does start today, it probably wouldn’t be until this evening – usually lunchtime U.S., so at least five hours wait for our little island.

Gentlemen, prepare your wallets. Ladies unclasp your purses. Valve customer support seems to have dropped the ball on Steam’s annual Summer Sale, but you don’t have too much time to prepare – it begins tomorrow.

A post on the Steam Reddit shows a screenshot of an email from Valve, received yesterday, stating in no uncertain terms that the sale will start July 11th.

E-mails are fairly easy to mock up, of course, but the link also points out that two of the platform’s Russian payment providers, QIWI and Yandex, made separate mention of the same date.

Elaborate trolling effort or no, which games are you looking to snag? Top of my list: Far Cry 3.




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