Deus Ex: The Fall unplayable on jailbroken devices

Wanted good PR, Square Enix? What a shame.

The irony is thick with this one. Deus Ex: The Fall’s mobile vision of a digital dystopia apparently realises itself a little too fully, as the game won’t let you fire your gun on jailbroken iOS devices.

Released yesterday exclusive to iOS, it wasn’t long before users flocked to Reddit to vent (it never is), with user KipEnyan’s screenshot confirming a common experience – a message in the tutorial apologising for the fact that your £5 ($7) has bought you sod all.

The popup actually occurs directly before you have to shoot guards to progress, making what is ostensibly a stealth game totally unplayable.

This seems to be an anti-piracy measure, but as most people are aware, jailbreaking is an incredibly common practice, and not one which immediately denotes a stolen game.

Reviewers, clearly unrepresentative of the population at large, have given it mixed to positive reviews.




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