Assassin’s Creed IV trailer, limited editions detailed

East India Killing Company

We’re still two months off Talk Like a Pirate Day, but that won’t stop the guys at Activision. The latest details on every-platform release Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag include a sassy combat trailer and specifics on the game’s limited edition cargo.

British colonial soldiers seem to get another (let’s be honest, deserved) kicking in the trailer, which briefly showcases naval combat, and the return of fort assaults. These have been improved to include approach by sea, though it remains to be seen how they’ll balance the two locations.

If that’s whet your appetite, GAME has you covered. The resurgent retailer boasts exclusive Special and Buccaneer Editions, as well as the more widely available Skull Edition. The selection of DLCs, figurines and art books is available for your viewing discretion here.

Other retailers are available, but it almost feels unfair not to advertise.




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