Is Left 4 Dead 3 Going To Happen?

Valve may not be allergic to threes.

Four whole years have been and gone since the release of Left 4 Dead 2, and fans are still wanting more. But are Valve going to give it to them?

With a countdown site appearing online, marking the number of days to go until… well, something that clashes with this years Gamescom – which Valve happen to be attending. Hmmm.


If that isn’t enough to wet your whistle, Mark Laidlaw from Valve has posted a video via the Vine app of himself hovering his finger over the number “3” button in a lift.

A third instalment would be nice to see – would we be following any of the survivors from the first two games, or would there be a new gang entirely? And the possibility of new special infected from the Green Flu outbreak would prove rather exciting.

Is it just an elaborate wind up, or is the 3rd instalment going to be announced in just over two weeks time? I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed this time.



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