League of Legends devs attempt to improve community

Teamwork is now OP

Are you are League of Legends player? Are you horrifically toxic? Then this video may be for you!

League of Legend’s community is stereotyped as disrespectful and full of rage. Sadly that is one true stereotype, and the creators know it. This video tells the community that “Rage doesn’t win games.”

It’s one of many attempts by developer Riot Games to improve the community’s overall attitude while playing the game, following on from the dubiously successful, player-led tribunals.

The video claims that ‘sportsmanlike players win over 1.7 million more games than average players every day’. Throwing tantrums and abusing team mates is not going to provide a comeback, teamwork on the other hand might.

It’s admirable that Riot are still eager to get players to better their attitude. From the Youtube comments, it seems plenty agree.

“Thx riot for trying to get a better community.”
“Great Advice :)”

Team players win more games, earn more gold and carry their teams to victory. You didn’t hear it here first, but let’s pretend.