Micro Halo – Our upcoming six part Halo machinima series

Micro Halo should be huge!

Gamer UK editor in chief Tom Ryan-Smith, recently released a teaser(above) for an epic up-coming Halo machinima he is working on called Micro Halo – The Series.

I recently spoke with about Tom what the short Halo machinima* will actually be about, here is what i got!

The Micro Spartans in the teaser are actually Halo players that were transported through the game during matchmaking and thrust back out as micro spartans, but when the Xbox was turned off thrust back into real life … or something. Confused? Yeah me too. Lets try not think about it too much.

micro halo

The first episode of the Micro Halo series continues right after what is shown on the trailer above with three Spartan players left behind, It’s a journey for them to get back home.

I can’t wait to see this series released as I am a big fan of machinima film-making and anything Halo related. Its a shame that it will only be 6 parts although that may be the right amount of time for what is planned for the machinima.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 13.28.33

Rooster Teeth’s Red vs Blue was initially only going to be around the same amount of episodes however with the attention and amazing feedback they received, the series continued on to its 11th season. Judging by this 2 minutes of Micro Halo footage, it has the potential to attract the same (if not more) attention.

Tom is currently casting at this moment in time! If you are interested in the series and want to be a part of it, tweet him @monkeynuke.

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*not to be confused with Machinima, the video network.