GTA V guide: Making money early and end game

How to make Big Bucks in GTA V

Please note that this money making guide in GTA 5 is outdated.


Money in GTA 5 is harder to come by than initially anticipated, especially in the early game stages. This guide will show you how to muster up enough dollar bills to purchase good weapons and armour for the first few hours and how to finally make enough money to be able to purchase the 150 million golf course after the end game.

Early Game

At this stage in the game, after only completing a few missions it is difficult to have enough money to purchase effective weapons and armour. Here are a few ways to change that.

Lester’s Missions
Do not complete any of Lester’s assassination missions. Save these missions until after the end game when you have over 20 million on each character. The reason is once you complete each mission for lester, he gives you a heads up in what to invest in the stock market, that way you can turn your 20 – 35 million on each character into double or triple the amount.

Watch a more detailed video on youtube here!

Random Events

Some events appear whilst you’re driving around the city. These events are usually helping citizens being robbed of their wallets or vehicles. You can either return the property back to its owner and gain from 50-200 dollars as a rewards or keep the wallet which contains 500 – 2000 dollars.

gta 5 armoured truck

Armoured vehicles can also appear while driving around the city. You can rob them for 5000$ or more by killing the drivers and busting the back doors with your gun or explosives. Watch out, the police will be on you quickly afterwards, so try to create an escape plan beforehand.

Camping at ATMS
ATM Machines are located all around the city. People using the ATM or walking away from them usually have more cash in hand than the regular citizen. Ice them, take their money and get out of the before the police arrive.

Locate a few corner shops and stores and park your vehicle in a position that makes it easy to get out of there fast. Walk into the shop, aim your gun at the chashier and get the money then escape using your smartly placed vehicle.

Some stores contain 2 cash registers. After the cashier finishes handing over the money on the first one, shoot the second then take that money too then make your educated escape.
If you know the locations of a few stores you could rack up a lot of money in the early hours of the game and purchase the great weapons, bombs and armour.

Save your money!
During the first few hours of game time, try not to purchase any buildings or vehicles and upgrades. The mistake is easily made to buy a large garage and fill it with custom designed vehicles. Just steal a few good looking cars from the north of the city where the houses on the hills are and store them in your home garage. Weapons and armour are more important during missions and events.

After End Game

After completing the main storyline, all 3 of your characters collect a hefty sum of over 20 million dollars! However this is not enough to purchase the 150 million dollar golf course and those tips above are not grand enough to get you to that level of wealth.

The safest way to make money after you have completed the final mission and got your hard earned millions is to purchase all of the available properties that give you weekly income. Before you run off and 100% the game by gathering all of the collectables make sure you purchase as much properties as you can and then after hours of playing the game you should eventually start making more money than you paid for the properties.

Stock Market Manipulation
Purchase the hanger at the airport with either Michael or Franklin. This makes this tip a lot easier as you do not get attention from the police when you walk into the airport’s grounds.

GTA 5 FlyUS jets

Purchase a bunch of stock in one of either of the air travel corporations, AirEmu and FlyUS. Go to the airport and destroy the airplanes of the company that you did not invest in, then watch the stock of your favoured company rise.

Warning: This is very risky and will not always work

Another Stock Market Trick
Learn how to use the stock market to increase your income. Find companies that are currently at a low, purchase a load of stock and wait. This is very risky but the fastest way if you play it smart and get lucky. Don’t purchase stock when their price is at an all time high, the chances of it increasing greatly are low.

Earn Infinite Money
There is currently an exploit in the game to earn infinite money.

This will not be shown here as it is an exploit and not the way the game was intended to be played, but a quick google search and you will be set as it is not a big secret.


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