Rockstar’s Extra Preparation for GTA 5 Online’s Launch

Are they ready? Wait, are we?

Rockstar had lower expectations on how popular GTA 5 was going to be in the first few weeks. This means they will be expecting more players on GTA Online at the start of October than initially anticipated, that can only mean one thing: A rough GTA Online launch. Rockstar are doing everything they can to avoid that, including adding as many new servers as possible before the start of October to keep up with the demand of several millions of players all on their multiplayer at once.

gta online
“We are working around the clock to buy and add more servers.”

Will Rockstar be able to achieve a problem free launch for GTA Online? Most likely not, regardless of how many new servers they can squeeze in before October. Unfortunately it will be a rough few days for GTA Online, hell, even the iFruit App and Social Club service have not been working properly due to the mass of people trying to use it.

Like most popular online game launches, it will be unforgiving even though Rockstar and doing everything they can to prevent it. If you are looking for a frustration free time on GTA Online, wait a couple of days.

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