Pokemon Red and Blue Anime gets English Trailer

Fake 90s kids rejoice!

I’m 22 in less than a week and this video just gave me chills. Nintendo probably knows that the current Pokemon series has lost most, if not all of its original audience, something that they probably couldn’t care less about. But what they do care about is getting more views hype for X and Y. Pokemon has come to the age where the original audience are now early to mid-twenties, it’s the perfect time to bring home the nostalgia train and pump up the Pokemon hype to maximum.

I am the target audience for this series, 22 years old, sitting at the bottom of a huge ladder of career paths; a sense of comfort, familiarity, nostalgia and a twinge of new- thats what I need. Well Pokemon Origins is here just for me (and for Nintendo $$$).

Originally I heard that Pokemon Origins was set to be a one off episode- nope! – 4 whole episodes with Red and (just like many gamers) his trusty Charmander to guide him. Red will have no issues being late, no “Early bird catching the worm- or in this case … the Pokemon” which is just grand (smiley face).

What can I say? If you are reading this you know you’re going to watch it. A complaint? Sure I have one… get a new font for your trailer please, thats all I have.

Pokemon Origins will stream for free on the Pokemon TV app starting November 15th (iOS, Android), while new Pokemon games X Version and Y Version are hitting stores worldwide on October 12th for Nintendo 3DS.