#EGX previews: Bayonetta 2

Could be better?

Ah, Nintendo, so lovably inept. My pre-launch ZombiU rant has been lost to time, but that demo experience at the MCM Comic Con was less than pleasant. The reps are always amiable, certainly, but there’s only so much time you can whittle away in conversation at the back of a queue for two 15 minute demos.

At least when you finally get on one of those machines, you’ve got a good portion of Platinum’s new console exclusive title to try out. It’s just a shame that, as is also usual, the screens were so terrible. To what extent that affected the anti-aliasing (or complete lack thereof) remains to be seen, but the game itself had few flaws.

The action is as frenetic and arcadey as ever, with cutscene driven combat sections on a grand scale. Combos and button-mash finishers are crisp and easy to engineer playing with the GamePad, though the Pro controller is supported, and frankly recommended. It also provides a good challenge on normal, encouraging mastery of the dodge and effective use of the Witch Time slowdown.

But the visual problems are so imposing, they fail to deliver the smoothness that the game’s underlying qualities deserve. The action frequently gets confused with bosses flying in and out of frame, screen-filling attacks and battles in mid air, rotating around buildings. This makes dodging more an art of anticipation than timing, and air moves and gap closers are seemingly limited.

I can only hope that this is less a problem with the console than the screens, but it’s so sadly typical of the Wii U for the gorgeous art style not to be done justice – and that in a fast-paced game of this ilk, the GamePad’s unique features are essentially null and void.