Freeview: ISOTX’s March of War

First of all, What is March of War? Well, March of War is a free turn based strategy game developed by ISOTX. Here is the description given on their website:

“March of War is an episodic free-to-play turn-based strategy online game. The game started the closed beta on April 1 2013 and its public Pilot was released on Steam and June 28. March of War will be released for iOS and Android later this year. You can play the game across these platforms, so if you start a game on you PC you can continue it on you iPad. You will need to download a client to run the game. The client will download automatically when you log in with your ISOTX account.”

March of War

Whilst playing march of war, your first experience will be to pick 1 of 6 factions based around the globe, these factions include: European Alliance, United Republic, The Soviet Union, The Latin Junta, The Shogun Empire and The African Warlords. After selecting your favoured faction, you will breeze through a character creation and then thrown into the tutorial. Once you’ve learned how to play the game, you either have an episodic main objective or your primary goal is to expand your territory by defeating the other faction’s influenced area.  As you fight for a slice of territory, your fellow faction members and opponents are fighting for the same region in their own battles in attempt to control or defend the land. You can also battle other players in different factions. If you win a PVP battle you have a larger influence on the territory and reap greater rewards!

If you are still reading and interested in learning more about the game and what it means to be episodic, read ISOTX’s FAQ. If you are hesitant to download this game due to the wait or restricted space, don’t worry. The full file is just under 2500 mb and downloading the game was hassle free and fast.

The free to play March of War is a fantastic experience. If you are new to turn based strategies, the tutorial explains everything that is needed to know and unlike tutorials within many games, it was fun! March of War’s graphics are sharp and delightful to stare at for a few hours whilst playing. The music and sounds fit in nicely whilst playing, its not too repetitive although its not uncommon to hear the same dialog a few times during a battle.

March of War jungle

The game is wonderful. Unfortunately is does have some noticeable issues. One being that the battlefield you play on sometimes do not fit the country you are fighting in. An example of this is when The Latin Junta are in control of  Alaska, the battlefield is set in a jungle biome. This does not affect the gameplay in anyway, its just odd to be fighting in a tropical jungle… in Alaska

There are also a couple of gameplay and technical issues. Most strategy games that you play have hotkeys for certain units, this is a good thing as it saves you time in the game. March of War does not contain this feature. I noticed myself frantically abusing my mouse each time i wanted to recruit multiple units as you have to go through the unit menus and click several times. Instead it could just be as easy as pressing a key.

When playing March of War in windowed mode, be sure not to tab out on loading screens. It causes the game to crash in my experience. Here is a collection of the known glitches and bugs.

Mach of War Battle

Like most free to play games, March of War has a Microtransaction store. I’ve yet to find something wrong with it. In-game currency (gems) are fairly priced. The store is easy to access and navigate and there always seems to be good bundles and deals on so you get the most for your money. Sadly you can only create 2 characters without buying more slots. Each character is bound to one faction meaning if you wanted to play all factions you would have to sacrifice previous characters to do so and those character slots do cost a fairly large amount of gems. Other than that and xp boosts, most things you can acquire simply by playing the game.

Its a fantastic game, it looks great and plays well. It has a few problems here and there, fortunately they do not impact the way the game is played. The Micro-Store works well and its currency is cheap and that is if you want to purchase any at all, most things can be acquired through simply playing the free and fun game.

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