Nordic Regions won’t get Xbox One until after Easter

Skyrim is not the only nordic region with its life threatening issues.  Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark will not be seeing their Xbox One consoles until – at least – the Easter holidays.

sweden xbox one

It was originally claimed by GameReactor that these regions won’t be able to purchase the Xbox One until the second half of 2014 after they received information from “trusted sources”. The information below follows their rumours about the delay and makes it more likely to be true.

“Important: According to Microsoft, the One to shipment of the Xbox in different countries has been postponed (namely Switzerland) due to adjustments to the XBL marketplace indefinitely. Due to various discussions, we expect that the delivery of this country will probably not take place before Easter. An even longer wait time is also not ruled out … ”

World of Games note this at the bottom of their Xbox One product page. 

ps4 xbox one sweden finland norway

Back in November, the PlayStation Netherlands facebook page took advantage of the Xbox One’s release delay in the nordic regions and turned it into a very funny ad (Image to the left).

With a possible 10 month delay on the nordic regions and perhaps an even longer delay for the other european territories, will the PS4 become the default console in those parts before the Xbox One is even released?