Free Lord of the Rings Online VIP until January 5th

Turbine is offering its free players 14 days of free VIP from December 10th, 2013 – January 5th, 2014.

Originally VIP players would pay £10 a month for all the benefits of being a subscriber. For a limited time, Turbine is allowing its free players to experience the same benefits of VIP  for 14 days cost free.

Being a VIP allows you to experience more access to content, features, services and benefits. LOTRO’s VIP program offers the best value for players who like the convenience of having unlimited access to LOTRO’s game content and features! – Lotro webage

What kind of content, features and services? Well, here is a list of some benefits you earn once you become VIP.

lotro vip 14 days trial

Compare Free to Play with VIP (Out of date)

  • Custom character portrait frame
  •  Access All Character Trait Slots
  •  Daily +100% XP*
  •  500 TP per month – Probably not included in the 14 days free
  •  Free weekly Gold Hobbit Present
  •  Access All Quest Packs and Skirmishes
  •  Access All Monster Classes
  •  Unlimited Chat
  •  Access All Crafting Guilds
  •  20 Slots of Shared Wardrobe Space
  •  No Currency Cap
  •  Additional Inventory Bags
  •  Maximum Auction House Listings
  • And more
Unfortunately, this 14 days of free VIP does not come at a click of a button. If you are interested in this limited time offer, you still need to insert your payment details and act as if you are purchasing VIP. You can cancel the payment any time during your free 14 days and still become a premium player.



Note that players that are already VIP cannot take advantage of this.