Gamer Saver: GTA 4 and GTA: San Andreas on Steam’s Daily Deal

Deal is now over.

Steam users that are itching and waiting to play Grand Theft Auto 5 can now purchase Grand Theft Auto 4 and San Andreas with 75% off. Use these games to hone your Grand Theft Auto skills and prepare for the fantastic game that is GTA 5 that will undoubtedly be released for PC next year.

If you have never experienced a Grand Theft Auto on PC, this would be the perfect opportunity to do so and for only £7.50 do it fast as this deal only has 24 hours remaining. Ending 10am PST, 6pm GMT on Monday.

GTA SA Mobile

Rockstar are currently working on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for mobile devices and should be completed early next year. PC gamers probably won’t be seeing the newest installment of GTA until after Rockstar release the mobile version of GTA: San Andreas.