Lord of the Rings Online License Renewed

LotRO will stay with us until at least 2017

Do you enjoy playing Lord of the Rings Online and don’t want to game to go away any time soon? You are in luck, their community manager, Sapience, announced that the developer Turbine have renewed the license to turn Tolkien’s world into an MMO until 2017.

Now that the game has at least 3 more years to live, does that give the developers and players enough time to see your character into Mordor and witness the defeat of Sauron? That is something we would all love to see with LotRO, however the chances are slim unless its rushed or the license is renewed further. The game’s story is currently playable until the battle of Helm’s Deep and it has taken 5 years to reach it.

Lord of the Rings Online is a free MMORPG based in the fantasy world Middle-Earth. Try it out!

Are you a fan of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth but not am MMORPG player? Don’t worry, Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor is an upcoming game and it looks wonderful, check out Gamer-UK’s article that includes screenshots and a trailer.