Freeview: Mine your way through poo and paper on Idle Mine

Mine your way through poo, paper then hell.

Do you find yourself sitting at your desk with absolutely nothing to do? Don’t worry, there is a lot of very bad but addicting Idle Games that we are able to play in order to pass time.

These games are designed by the devil and do not only fill up spare time, but also consume time that could be spent doing something useful. Idle-Mine is one of these games. With the stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, how could one resist?

Do nothing but hurt your finger due to an insane amount of clicking while working your way through  an uncountable amount of minerals. You start by mining poo, paper, then salt to earn nothing but a shabby $10 – $20. You eventually check the time and see that 2 hours have gone by and you still find yourself furiously abusing your mouse just to obtain some insane mineral that gives you billions of dollars, enough to pay off the United State’s national debt.

In all seriousness, if you enjoy or enjoyed playing Cookie Clicker, this is similar but with less grannies and more poo. Idle-Mine is something nice to play and takes little to no effort. unless you are hungry for a sense of satisfaction and have a sturdy mouse.

Click here to play Idle-Mine on Kongregate.


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