The Elder Scrolls Online’s new amazing cinematic trailer and Imperial Edition

New trailer, new race, higher price.

The new Elder Scrolls Online cinematic trailer titled ‘Arrival’ has come and it has blown brains out. The three factions halt their battle as a new enemy joins the fray and begins to destroy the surrounding people and environment. A necromancer also summons an army of the dead to begin another assault.

This trailer did not just appear out of the blue for no reason, it’s arrival also promotes the new Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition (pictured above). The special edition of ESO includes a vanity item, a mount and a new race. See full details on The Elder Scrolls Online’s official website.

Some reddit users are furious that the game has not yet been released and already they are having to pay more than an the initial £40 fee to unlock the Imperial race, one of the most commonly picked races throughout the Elder Scrolls universe.

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