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Get your quickscoping on. Sniper Elite V2 FREE 24 Hours on Steam.

Deal is now over… Ain’t fast, your last.

Original Article:

Gamer UK’s Gamer Saver is back with a totally free Sniper Elite V2 for Steam users. This offer ends tomorrow so in order for you to claim your free copy you must install it (using steam) within hours of reading this article. What are you waiting for? Here is the link!

What is Sniper Elite? Is it filled with ‘360 noscope’ kids? Hell maybe! However, certainly not as much as Call of Duty. Here is the official description and trailer:

Sniper Elite V2 is an award-winning and authentic World War II sniping experience. You are elite US sniper Karl Fairburne. Parachuted into Berlin amidst the Germans’ final stand, your mission is to prevent Nazi V2 rocket program technology from falling into the hands of the besieging Red Army. You must aid key scientists keen to defect to the US, and terminate those who would help the Russians. 

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