Big Bank DLC for Payday 2 Release Date Set

It’s good news for haters of banks and lovers of Payday 2, as the run up to E3 2014 brings us more details of the upcoming Big Bank DLC. Coming to Steam on June 17th, the add-on brings our beloved miscreants their largest heist to date – taking down the Benevolent Bank, along with a swathe of new vaults and guards to combat, and rewards to pilfer.

Notably the Big Bank DLC also introduces a new contact to the game, known as The Dentist, played by non-other than Mr. Gustavo Fring himself: Giancarlo Esposito. The character was earlier introduced this week in the released live action trailer starring Esposito, depicting the crews introduction to The Dentist and jumping off point for apparent future heists.

Those lucky devils at E3 2014 will have the opportunity to get hands on with the DLC, the largest to date since the release of Payday 2 in August last year, as well as have a chance to gain some real life loot in competitions and giveaways. The take on offer includes Logitech kits, Payday 2 swag, and nVidia graphics cards. Highest scoring “cash grab” competitors will be entered into the grand prize finale scheduled for the last day of the event, to determine who amongst this years E3 attendees is the greatest criminal of all.

Those of us not able to attend the event will have to wait just a little longer to experience the DLC first-hand,  but with E3 just around the corner there will be plenty of news and announcements to distract us with until we can grab our masks and take on the Benevolent Bank for ourselves.

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Watch Payday 2 Big Bank DLC “The Dentist” trailer below: