Nintendo of Europe axe 130 jobs in HQ closure

Mario Kart 8: too little, too late?

The success of Mario Kart 8 may signal a change in fortune for Nintendo, but for some of its European employees it’s come a little too late. After almost 25 years of business spanning the Game Boy and SNES to the Wii U, the company is closing its European headquarters with the loss of 130 permanent staff.

The current office and warehouses are to be sold off, with operations relocated to an existing operation in the larger city of Frankfurt. According to a statement provided to Eurogamer, the move which will allow “more long-term flexibility to changes in the games business.”

These intended measures have not been made lightly and have only been arrived at after thorough analysis and careful consideration.”

Nintendo’s presence in the German city of Großostheim has long been an anomaly. As the only major company in the modest Bavarian locale, staying there long-term became emblematic of their success. Games companies restructure and sack staff all the time, but in the run-up to a potentially crucial E3, it reflects an uncertain future.


Image credit: Rudolf Stricker