Linkin Park’s ‘Recharge’ Game Universe is Expanding with LP Recharge – Wasteland

Linkin Park, commonly known for their Video Games

The group known as Linkin Park, most popular for their hit Facebook game, LP Recharge, has decided to expand their ‘Recharge’ universe and come out with another game, LP Recharge – Wastelands.

LP Recharge – Wastelands is set in a distant future where resources are spars, evil robots roam the land and try to turn the remaining humans into corpses or slaves. You control the Linkin Park band members whilst playing through this game, blasting the Cybermen of this world out of it.

This game features 50 different stages and each of which contains a variety of objectives to complete. Rescuing humans and collecting loot whilst listening to the music and playing as one of the most known rock bands in the world falls far from boring. Players also get to command elemental powers (fire,air,water,earth) in order to defeat enemies and complete stages.

After dishing out a tiny £2 for this mobile game, don’t expect any more In-App pruchases in order to complete the game, sure you can buy boosts but who needs them? LP Recharge – Wastelands can  be played both online and offline. The online version of the game features Leaderboards which compare you to friends and strangers around the globe.

Do you like Linkin Park? Do you like mobile games? You should love this! Pick it up at the Itunes store for only £1.99. Check out more of the games info in the video below and on their website.