June 20th – Our Steam Summer Sale Favourites

Gamer UK’s top 5 Steam Summer Sale’s daily deals. Also view some flash sales. Spend and save at the same time, it makes sense!

The Steam Summer Sale is currently ongoing, it started on June 19th and runs for 11 days, ending on the 30th. Who cares about saving money? Buy an unnecessary amount of games that you won’t have time to play and then before you know it, next years sale comes around! Why? Because you can. Its the circle of a PC Gamer’s life.

Not only are you going to buy a lot of extremely cheap and fun video games, you are going to earn free ones while doing it – adding even more games to your steam library! Click here to check out Steam’s Summer Adventure.

Gamer UK’s Top 5 Daily Deals

If you want to avoid the steam store in order to save your wallet, don’t worry, GUK has you covered with 5 of our favourite daily deals of the day. Here are Gamer UK’s recommended deals for June 20th in no particular order:

Game Dev Tycoon
Game Dev Tycoon Steam Summer Sale

Game Dev Tycoon’s release is one to remember. Not only did the game generate a large YouTube audience , the 2 Klug brothers (developers) also posted a cracked version of the game on torrent sites. It was identical to the purchasable version … until your mission to become a successful game developer comes to a sharp end due to people pirating your games too often. Start your game developing career in your basement and work your way to the top of the ladder by generating great game ideas and creating your own classics that may earn you millions.

Click here to view Game Dev Tycoon on the Steam store.

Skyrim Legendary Edition
Skyrim Legendary Steam Summer Sale

Skyrim, now 3 years old but still gold. Gamers all over continue to play one of Bethesda’s best games. We recommend purchasing Skyrim’s Legendary Edition while its cheap because not only is it one of the best single player games, its DLC and the modding community have kept the game very popular over the years and it still continues to amaze. Seriously, what more can you ask for? You travel the lands slaying dragons, stealing sweet rolls, summoning skeletons, turning into a vampire, turning into a werewolf, building a house, killing other travellers and well doing pretty much whatever you like.

Click here to view Skyrim: Legendary Edition on the Steam store.

Half Life Complete
Half Life Complete Steam Summer Sale

No list of recommendations is complete without a classic, so we suggest you pick up the infamous Half- Life series: available in one complete package! Follow the silent protagonist, Gordon Freeman, through the “Black Mesa Incident” – a science experiment gone horribly wrong – fighting interdimensional aliens and humans alike to save the planet. The series was one of the first to introduce in game cinematics to the video game world, and runs on the lowest of low system requirements. With a modding community that’s still alive and kicking, this is a purchase that’ll keep on giving. Plus you’ll be ready to play Half Life 3 when it’s eventually (please eventually) released.

Click here to view Half Life Complete on the Steam store.

The Walking Dead Season 2
Walking Dead Season 2 Steam Summer Sale

Tell Tale are known for their great games based on already great stories. Walking dead is one of them. Many months have passed since the events seen in Season One of The Walking Dead, you better expect more heart wrenching decisions, memorable characters and tense dialogue exchanges. Black Ops 2 zombie mode it ain’t. Meet and interact with characters. Haven’t played season one? Don’t worry, Click Here. Season 1 also has a great deal during this Steam Summer Sale.

Click here to view The Walking Dead Season 2 on the Steam store.

Far Cry Franchise Pack

Far Cry Franchise Pack Steam Summer Sale

Each Far Cry game never seems to disappoint its players. Every Far Cry game always has great differences from the one before. Stranded and looking for your friends, needing to survive is usually the basic idea however there is always something new and game changing in every release.  This Franchise Pack has been chosen by Gamer UK simply because each game should be played and for only £12 you can play them all and prepare yourself for the upcoming Far Cry 4.

Click here to view the Far Cry Franchise Pack 2 on the Steam store.


Today’s Flash Sale

Steam’s flash sales updates 3 times a day. Make sure to check the sale in the morning, afternoon and evening to benefit most from the great deals on the popular games that get featured.

Note: Flash sales below were on sale at the time of this post. Click the link below to see an updated sale.

spore Steam Summer Flash Sale mount and blade Steam Summer Flash Sale pixel piracy steam summer flash sale dungeon defenders Steam Summer Flash Sale

Game prices in order:

£4.99, £2.99
£5.46, £2.49

Are these games not what your looking for? Check out the Steam’s store page for more deals and vote for a batch of games to go on sale.

Which games have you purchased or plan on purchasing this summer during the best sale of the year?  Leave a comment below and let us know, and don’t forget to like and follow Gamer UK on Facebook and Twitter to be kept up to date on all the latest in video game news.