Riot introducing new discipline measures in League of Legends

League of Legends is well known in the MOBA scene for having one of the friendliest and helpful gaming communities in the world *cough*. Riot have always been looking for ways to improve the player experience within LoL, they are about to introduce a new way to deal with the ‘toxic’ players that we all know and love.

“Today, players that show extreme toxicity (intentional feeding or racism, etc) will be instantly (banned for) 14 day or permabanned in #LeagueOfLegends,” says Lead Designer of Social Systems Jeffrey Lin.

These strict methods of punishment are not permanently in place at the moment. The new system that should rid the game of some of its more abusive players are being tested, one server at a time for a limited time only.

“We’ll be testing one server at a time in small doses to monitor the effectiveness of the system carefully and minimize false positives,” states Lin.

Everyone that plays League of Legends understands the pain of playing with toxic players. If you don’t, you are that player. They either spam the chat with abuse, feed the enemy intentionally or troll pick pre-game (insert Trundle joke here) and a lot of the time, all of them at once. Riot are working hard in attempt to better their community. These harsh disciplines will rid the game of its nightmares, or at least some of them.


What do you think? Will the threats and promises of permanent and temporary bans calm down players? Let us know your thoughts on the more strict discipline methods Riot are introducing via Twitter, Facebook or below in the comments.