LOTRO Quest Guide: Going Hungry – Summer Event

The Lord of the Rings Online summer festival has now started. Once again, the Hobbits need your assistance in all the festival doings. In this case,  Melilot Hayward has misplaced all of her food and instead of looking, she lays in the grass waiting for another to do her work.

Below are all of the images of each item along with coordinates. This information will allow you to locate all of the missing items that Melilot Hayward lost.

The Map:

All of the items needed to complete the Going Hungry festival quest can be found in the locations highlighted in red.

GH Map

Melilot’s Missing Bread:

The basket of bread can be found on the bridge located in the centre of Hobbiton, south of the Party Tree.
Coordinates 30.9S, 71.2W

GH Bread

Melilot’s Missing Eggs:

The basket of eggs can be found among the mills at the bottom of the hill, north of the bridge and south of the Party Tree.
Coordinates 30.4S, 71.4W

GH Eggs

Melilot’s Missing Mushrooms:

The muschrooms can be found by a pond east of the party tree, watch out for the bears.
Coordinates 29.4S, 70.5W

GH Shrooms

Melilot’s Missing Porridge:

The porridge can be found out by the front door of Bag End, North of the Party Tree.
Coordinates 29.4S 71.3W

GH Porridge

Melilot’s Missing Cheeses:

The basket of cheeses can be found in the apple grove, west of the Party Tree.
Coordinates 29.7S, 72.0W

GH Cheese

Now you should be able to find and collect all of these items for the Going Hungry festival quest. Are your friends stuck on the same problem? Show them Gamer UK’s Quest Guides!