Nine New Game of Thrones Characters Revealed

Wolves in the North, Lions in the South, and thousands of fanboys and girls have descended on San Diego for Comic Con. Not content with merely putting on a star studded panel this weekend Game of Thrones have also released a new video outlining nine new characters who will appear in the upcoming season five of the award winning HBO show. Looking for a brief introduction to each character and actor? Look no further!

(Spoilers, obviously.)


1. Doren Martell, brother to Oberyn (whose body could thrill, and brain matter could chill) will be played by Alexander Siddig of 24 and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fame. Siddig certainly won’t be new to the world of knights and kings, having recently appeared in Atlantis and Clash of the Titans. With his brother dead, how will Doren come to influence the people of Westeros?

2. Trystan Martell, son of Doren, will be played by Toby Sebastian – a relatively fresh actor from Oxford, England. Sebastian, as it turns out, is good friends with Sansa Stark actress Sophie Turner. The pair recently appeared in the feature Barely Lethal.

3. Myrcella Baratheon, daughter of Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon, will be reappearing next season after an absence of two seasons. Now being played by Nell Tiger Free, the fifteen year old actress will join the growing list of young actors and actresses who are now known around the world. No pressure then.

4. Areo Hotah, Captain of the Guard for house Martell, will be played by DeObia Oparei. The London born actor, recognisable from film work including: Dredd, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Moulin Rouge! Measuring in at seven feet tall, it looks like GoT is about to get yet another mountainous knight!

5. Yezzan, slave trader and generally smelly lump, will be played by a markedly unlumpy (and rather handsome) Enzo Cilenti. This year continues to be good to Cilenti, who most recently appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy. It was a small indie film, you probably haven’t heard of it.

6. Nymeria “Nym” Sand – bastard daughter of good ol’ Oberyn and notorious Sand Snake – will be played by Jessica Henwick. Henwick is an English actress known for being the first actress of East Asian decent to play a lead role on television. Her latest role will arguably be the 21 year-old actresses largest to date.

7. Tyene Sand – yet another bastard daughter of Oberyn (the guy got around) – will be played by experienced Italian actress Rosabell Laurenti Sellers. Tyene is a septa and is as notoriously competent with poisons as her dear old dad.

8. Obara Sand (you guessed it) bastard daughter of Oberyn – whose milkshakes apparently bring all the girls, and a fair few guys, to the yard – will also be making an appearance. Played by Academy Award nominated actress Keisha Castle-Hughes, the trifecta of slaughtering sisters is complete!

And finally, saving the very best for last…

9. High Sparrow will be played by Jonathan Pryce. Pryce, the biggest name on our little list, is an institution in and of himself. Having starred in films such as Brazil, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Pirates of the Caribbean as well as a prolific range of theatre roles we’re sure GoT will benefit greatly from his input. Playing the role of High Sparrow – a religious man of extraordinary influence and power – Pryce is sure to bring a powerful performance to this very important part.


Excited for season five of Game of Thrones? Have loud opinions of these latest castings? Let us know in the comments below!

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