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This edition of Gamer UK’s Gamer Saver will feature the current free and discounted games offered for Xbox Live Gold members.

Halo: Reach – Xbox 360 – 6.57 GB

The first bad boy of free games is Bungie’s Halo: Reach which is currently free and available for download for a limited time only on the Xbox 360 market place. Halo: Reach was extremely well received by the community on its release back in the September of 2010 even though it had its differences when compared to the original series of Halo games. Halo: Reach was the first Halo game to introduce the loadout mechanic along with the slightly faster paced action seen in today’s Halo 4.

HALO-REACH-NOBLE-TEAM-halo-reach-games with gold

Reach is the final game Bungie created within Halo series and is the last game they developed before the newly released Destiny. If you still haven’t got your hands on a copy of Destiny or an Xbox One, downloading and blasting away on Halo: Reach is a way to experience some of Bungie’s amazing work.

Super Time Force – Xbox One – 817.43 MB

This extremely fun platformer is available for free download on the Xbox One marketplace. In this crazy game, you can take control of multiple characters within your squad of time travelling agents. Hell you can even go back in time to play and help yourself! Unlike Doctor Who, there are no rules, bend time and shoot the place up to prevent horrible things happening.

super_time_force_pax_large_verge_medium_landscape games with gold


Crimson Dragon – Xbox One – 6.83 GB

Last but not least, Crimson Dragon. If you happened to play and enjoy the Panzer Dragoon series years ago, Crimson Dragon is a spiritual successor developed by Grounding Inc. Within this game, humans are able to control and train dragons in order to defend themselves against a threat known as White Phantom.

crimson dragon free games with gold

This month’s collection of free games with gold are action packed. You see a spiritual successor of the older and beloved series of Panzer Dragon. You get to experience time travel in a platformer without some crazy Doctor opening doors with screw drivers and finally you get to see some of Bungie’s finest work in Halo: Reach. Until next time, game hard or go home!

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