A new unpatched ‘Loot-Cave’ has been found in Destiny

Bungie threw down its first patch yesterday, and among the few changes that came to Destiny, the infamous ‘Loot Cave’ was axed with reasonable cause. The Destiny Development team stated that: “Shooting at a black hole for hours on end isn’t our dream for how Destiny is played”

The most popular and efficient cave for fast loot grinding was not the only one to be altered, most of the caves found throughout the Earth’s Cosmodrone have been tweaked with higher respawn times to prevent any future ‘Loot Caves’ popping up… Unfortunately for Bungie, another treasure cave has indeed popped up in the unpatched Rocketyard area of Russia.

Provided here is a link that takes you a PS4Trophies’ Youtube video on the working loot-cave for patch

Bungie are extremely passionate about their great new title so there is no need to be saddened by the inevitable removal of the current and any future loot caves.

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The community have been sharing their thoughts and feelings with Bungie about Destiny’s looting system and unsurprisingly, Bungie have listened. Destiny players are promised that changes will come to a few looting aspects of the game that will help improve player experiences and help reduce the amount of players looking for an easy way out (The Loot Cave).

One of the changes are to hit the Cryptarch, the gentleman who waits for you to hand in the purple engrams, usually in exchange for the less rare blue armour or weapons.  The rage ensued from these experiences have pushed Bungie to promise changes in the near future. The details of these changes are currently unknown.


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