A toast to Bossa Studios – Surgeon Simulator Developer Rolls out Trailer for ‘I am Bread’

Bread puns… bread puns everywhere!

After the surprise success of the brilliantly zany Surgeon Simulator, Bossa studios has risen to the challenge and revealed they have another bun in the oven, ‘I am Bread’. They weren’t going to just loaf around with a half-baked idea, the much kneaded follow up to Surgeon Simulator had to continue the same awkward control scheme and have an out-there concept – and if this trailer is anything to go by… these guys are on a roll!

Bossa Studios haven’t revealed how much dough it will go for, but make sure to check out the trailer, its the yeast you could do!

No formats for the game have been revealed as of yet, but with the trailer seeming to show an Xbox Control scheme and Surgeon Simulator starting out on PC, followed by a port to PlayStation 4, I imagine that no matter your preferred format- we should all expect a slice.

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I promise in my next article I will put these terrible puns to bread.