Gamer UK Produced Halo 4 machinima series Small Spartans heading to MCM Comic Con

Small Spartans, Gamer UK’s own sponsored web series is heading to MCM London Comic Con this weekend. From October 24-26th you will be able to chat with series creator, animator, editor, writer and ‘typer’ of this article Tom Ryan-Smith as well as voice actor (and somewhat famous Vine person & children’s book author) Ben Edwards.

The Small Spartans panel will take place on Saturday 25th October on the VidFest Stage at 12:30PM!

Alongside Small Spartans, you will be able to meet YouTube stars like The Weebl, Tomska, Eddsworld and Ashens, as well as Rooster Teeth and The Lizzie Bennet Diary’s.

Small Spartans is the only live action / Halo machinima hybrid series, using assets from within the Halo 4 engine and compositing them into real life, to create a unique narrative with a good amount of crude humour.

See the promo below for more information…

You can check out Small Spartans Episode 1 HERE