Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens, New Game Announced by RT and TeamChaos


We now know what a Zombien is…

And the game is said to be released before Thanksgiving!

Original Post:

It was just announced on Rooster Teeth’s twitter page that the very successful entertainment company will be working with developers Team Chaos to create a game titled Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens.

For the few people on the internet that don’t know of Rooster Teeth, they are a very popular production company well known as the creators of the longest running web-series Red vs Blue (12 years so far). They also have a number of different youtube channels catering to different types of videos, such as The Know for video game and entertainment news and Lets Play for, well, lets plays and gaming videos.

Team Chaos is a small team of developers that enjoy creating small, fun games, usually for IOS, Facebook and Google Play. You can see their list of games on their website. 

Rooster Teeth game Team Chaos announcement

Since there is almost no details as of yet on this game, we need to take an educated guess by looking at the two images provided by both Rooster Teeth and Team Chaos. The images shown in this post and on their twitter pages suggest that this game will feature some of the popular Rooster Teeth personalities, Barbara and Gus are the two characters in the top picture. Giving them guns and sharp tools is probably a bad idea…

Top-down zombien (zombie/alien) survival shooter? That is the guess most people will be making when seeing the only two images of this game.

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