Why Awesomenauts can be more fun than League of Legends or DOTA 2

For those who don’t know what Awesomenauts is, it is a 2D MOBA available on both PC and consoles. The game has managed to separate itself from the pack that is dominated by both League of Legends and DOTA 2.

After playing the game excessively on PC for over a week now and playing it previously every so often for over a year, there are a number positive differences in the MOBA experience when comparing it to the more popular LoL and Dota.

The first and foremost difference that comes to mind is the interaction with other players. From the experience had in the last 7 days of non-stop playing, the players within Awesomenauts are not assholes. You heard me right, not assholes. When a player dies or ‘feeds’ there is no one telling them: ‘go uninstall’ or ‘reported’. There are definitely more offensive phrases than can be quoted but i’d feel wrong to write them, however the picture below paints a pretty picture.

*Warning – Language NSFW*

Lol Trolling

Common on LoL, not so much on Awesomenauts.

If you were to go into a League of Legends game and die 5 times without a kill, the chances are likely that you will be receiving some sort of hate from at least one teammate. Die 5 times in Awesomenauts, Most people don’t abuse you because the game isn’t as competitive and there are less frustrated players.

Another amazing thing that makes Awesomenauts more… awesome… is the lack of trolls. There is no rule stating that people should go into certain lanes with certain characters and in turn removes the common ‘[lane] or AFK’ attitude many players seem to have in MOBAs. Now, spoilt kids who cry if they don’t get what they want are not the only type of negative player Awesomenauts manages to counter. Players leaving games or going AFK isn’t that much of a problem either. It is always 3v3, regardless of how many people leave.

Players who leave, disconnect or are kicked from Awesomenauts games due to inactivity are instantly replaced with bots. These bots are actually quite smart at avoiding death so don’t worry about them. These bots are also (usually) quickly replaced by someone else looking for a match, meaning you have a full team once again. Picking characters to play at the start of the game is totally anonymous and there is no pre-game lobby. This removes another type of troll that cries if someone else picks his/her favourite character, much like the first troll discussed.

If you get your kicks from very competitive games and enjoy the slow (or fast) progress towards a better rank, league or standing then maybe Awesomenauts isn’t the game for you, even less so if you are currently enjoying LoL, Dota or others breaking into the system. This article may make Awesomenauts sound as casual as Minecraft, however, Awesomenauts isn’t too casual, There is a both a ranked and levelling system meaning there is a clear incentive to win and it can be annoying if you don’t. There are also tournaments/competitions that take place. Fortunately for us wanting to take a break from the hardcore competition, when you lose a game in Awesomenauts you are not on the verge of clawing your own eyes out because you don’t rank up.


There is one negative to Awesomenauts that may be the reason that it’s not as popular as other Mobas. That reason being it isn’t free. The game costs around £7/$10. You can see more details about the game on their steam page linked. 

Awesomenauts is a great and fun battle arena game, especially if you just want to knock down turrets without the stress and hassle (usually brought on by the community) that it tends to come with. It is indeed a nice change of pace after ladder climbing or a series of bad games on League of Legends of Dota 2.

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