Telltale Game’s Iron From Ice (Game of Thrones Game) Release Dates!

Telltale Games, the developers behind the successful episodic titles such as A Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead and very recently Tales From The Borderlands have set a release date for their Game of Thrones episode one, Iron From Ice.

So Iron From Ice (Episode One) comes to gamers early next month with PC and Mac recieving it on the 2nd, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS4 players receive the game on the 3rd and finally all iOS devices can play it on the 4th.

What about PlayStation 3? Don’t worry, Telltale posted a tweet following the one above telling us PS3 players will get the Game of Thrones episodic game on the 9th.

Will you be picking up Telltale Games’ new Game of Thrones episode Iron From Ice and are you excited to jump into George R.R Martin’s blood stained world of Westeros in this fantastic looking Game of Thrones episodic game? Let us know what you think!

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