There will be a Destiny 2 and your Guardians will carry over

[EDITOR’S NOTE] If this game is not called Des2ny, I will be extremely let down.

It has recently been made public that Destiny 2 is currently being developed by Bungie and your beloved Guardians in Destiny will be carried over to Destiny 2 when it arrives.

No one should be surprised that Destiny 2 is a thing and that Bungie are already working on it even though Destiny has only been in the market for 3 months or so. It isn’t like Bungie need to work on DLC for the current Destiny, they have cut their full 500 million dollar game into pieces to release to us separately for £20 each. This means the majority of their resources can be spent of making sure their next game is full and complete before doing the same again.

With mild ranting aside, not making a second Destiny would be a mistake for both Bungie and Activision, they spent 500 million the game and made it back in no time. According to the publishers, there have been almost 10 million players and the active ones are playing for an average of 3 hours per day. With a sequel to a game that makes lots of money and many people enjoy, everyone wins really.

If you are a Destiny player, when would you like to see a sequel and are you happy to hear that your character will be carried over into it?

Let us know what you think about the recent Destiny 2 news below!

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