A Guide to Farming Vanguard Commendations and Reputation in Destiny

So, commendations are a new thing in Destiny after the release of The Dark Below expansion on the 9th of December. How do you get commendations? What is the fastest way to grind them out? Don’t worry, we have a guide for that!

Destiny’s new commendations are tokens you gain after levelling up in reputation for either the Vanguard or Crucible factions. These Vanguard or Crucible commendations are needed along side the Vanguard or Crucible marks in order to buy the some of the new gear sold from vendors after you achieve the appropriate level of reputation within their faction.

So what you really need to be doing is looking for the fastest way to level up Vanguard and Crucible reputations in order to collect and spend commendations. Since there is only 1 way gain Crucible reputation (by playing in the Crucible) we will focus on earning Vanguard reputation and Commendations.

Farming Vanguard Reputation and Commendations Guide

Completing VIP Patrols on Earth is one of the best and fastest ways to grind out Vanguard reputation and commendations . VIP patrol missions give 25 reputation each and you can easily do over 10 in an hour (at least 250 rep), with some luck on your side you can achieve over 400 per hour and with the Weekly Nightfall strike bonus, its possible to earn around 600 Vanguard rep in an hour.

There are 3 locations to visit on Earth that are best for farming and grinding out these patrols that give good Vanguard reputation leading to faster Commendations.

Location 1: The Steppes (Spawn)


The Steppes, Spawn

As soon as you arrive on Earth in patrol mode, open up your ‘Nav Menu’, hop on your sparrow and check for patrols. There are 3 different patrols in this area, look for the VIP icon (A star within a diamond within a circle). If there are no patrols in this location, head to The Divide, it is on the the other side of the structure you can go through to the right hand side as you spawn in. You don’t see much VIP patrols in the Steppes so don’t worry, just move on to the Divide.


VIP bounty patrol missions found in the Steppes take you to the Divide, this makes the route a little more effective and makes it possible to complete multiple VIP patrols in a single run.

Location 2: The Divide

A Guide to Gather Commendations in Destiny

The Divide

After making your way through the building and as you reach the outside, open up your Nav Menu once again and check for the VIP patrol icon. There are 2 patrol beacons in this location. Both VIP patrols in the Steppes and the Divide lead you to the same location, the hole in the wall on the edge of the Divide.



After either not finding any VIP patrols or completing them in the areas searched so far, head up to the Rocketyard, it can be found by heading straight and right from where you arrived and then continue to follow the path.

Location 3: The Rocketyard

the rocketyard Destiny commendations vanguard guide

The Rocketyard

When you have entered the Rocketyard, once again open up your Nav Menu and check for a VIP Patrol icon, the star inside the circle. There are 3 patrol beacons in this locations. If you find a VIP Patrol beacon and accept it, the VIP oyu need to kill is you further into the area where the Earth strike mission takes you.

Complete the patrol and head to orbit. If you didn’t find a VIP patrol in this area, its also time to head back to orbit.


It only takes one or two minutes to check these 3 locations without any VIP patrols and there is a high chance you wont find any of the VIP patrols in a run. Just check all of the areas mentioned above in the order they are given and only complete the VIP patrols, none others. It may take an extra minute or two of time to complete the run when finding a VIP patrol or two.

This is the most effective way that I have found to farm Vanguard reputation while playing solo, although there are effective ways to farm with a fireteam. I gain around 400 Vanguard rep per hour without the Weekly Nightfall buff on this run.

Handy Tips:

  • Use the Sparrow as much as possible
  • Don’t lose hope if the Patrol doesn’t appear
  • Gotta go fast!!
  • You will encounter Public events, do them all!
  • Check if any bounties can be completed while doing this run
  • Got more? Comment and let us know!

Reputation eventually leads to Commendations. The faster you gather Vanguard reputation, the faster you will gain the Comms.

Let us know if this guide to farming reputation and commendation helps you and your Guardian! Share it with your friends if they are looking for a fast way to farm Vanguard reputation too!

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